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Apr 29
Closebot: Transform Your Sales Process with CloseBot’s Innovative Lead Qualification Bot

CloseBot offers a transformative solution for businesses looking to enhance their lead qualification process. By automating routine tasks, it allows sales teams to concentrate on closing deals and building relationships, rather than sorting through leads manually.

Apr 17
Unveiling HighLevel’s White Label Payment Solution for NMI & AuthorizeNet 2024

HighLevel revolutionizes payment integrations with its new White Label Payment Provider solution for NMI and AuthorizeNet, enhancing platform capabilities and user experience. This update introduces seamless integration with payment providers, empowering users to manage and customize their payment solutions effectively. Discover how HighLevel's latest innovation offers flexibility, enhanced security, and improved functionality, ensuring a streamlined payment process for businesses of all sizes.

Apr 17
GHL Feature Update: Enhancing Affiliate Management 2024

Unlock new dimensions in affiliate marketing with HighLevel's latest update to the Sub Account Affiliate Manager. Now featuring lead tracking capabilities for forms, surveys, and calendars, this enhancement allows for precise monitoring and management of leads across various channels. Whether you're crafting affiliate campaigns or optimizing lead generation strategies, discover how HighLevel's new functionalities provide a more streamlined, efficient, and scalable approach to managing affiliate activities.

Apr 17
Highlevel Feature Update: Enhancing Certificate Management – New Features and Functionalities in HighLevel

Explore the latest enhancements to HighLevel's Certificates module, now featuring undo/redo capabilities, location and user-level permissions, and key accessibility improvements. These updates offer greater control over certificate management, enabling users to tailor access, seamlessly adjust certificate designs, and enhance operational efficiency. Dive into how these new functionalities can revolutionize the way you manage certificates in your business, making the process more flexible and user-friendly.

Apr 17
Highlevel Feature Update: Embracing the Future of Payments – HighLevel’s Enhanced Payment Element Redesign

Discover how HighLevel's latest update transforms payment processing with a redesigned payment element. This upgrade refines the core logic and user interface, ensuring a seamless, intuitive, and scalable payment capturing experience. Perfect for businesses using and NMI, the new system reduces AVS failures and aligns with HighLevel's commitment to consistency and efficiency across its invoicing system. Explore the significant improvements that promise to enhance customer transactions and prepare your business for future growth.

Apr 17
Highlevel Feature Update: Embracing Efficiency with HighLevel’s Payment Integrations Redesign

HighLevel has revolutionized its Payment Integrations with a sleek, intuitive redesign aimed at enhancing user experience. The update introduces a more compact interface, a comprehensive view of all payment providers, and prepares the platform for future advancements. Discover how these changes streamline payment management, improve consistency across providers, and make efficient use of screen space, setting the stage for expanded capabilities.

Apr 13
GHL Smart Scripts: Revolutionize Your Review and Referral Strategies

In the competitive landscape of digital marketing, managing online reviews and referrals effectively is crucial for business growth. GHL Smart Scripts offers an innovative solution that integrates directly with GoHighLevel, allowing businesses to harness the power of reviews and referrals without the high costs associated with third-party platforms.

Apr 13
Extendly: Your Ultimate White Label Support Solution for HighLevel  

Navigating the complexities of digital marketing requires not just strategic insight but also robust support mechanisms to ensure smooth operations. Extendly offers a comprehensive white-label support solution specifically designed for HighLevel users, enhancing both efficiency and client satisfaction. This unique service combines advanced technology with expert human support, tailored to meet the demands of growing agencies.

Apr 13
Streamline Client Onboarding with HighLevel Rockstars  

Effective client onboarding is essential for any service-oriented business, particularly digital marketing agencies. HighLevel Rockstars offers a powerful solution to streamline this process, ensuring new clients are efficiently and effectively integrated into your services, enhancing both client satisfaction and retention.

Apr 13
Highlevel Feature Update: Enhance Your Sales Process with GoHighLevel’s New Order Confirmation in Forms 🚀🚀  

GoHighLevel's latest update brings a significant enhancement to its Forms tool—the Order Confirmation feature. This update allows for an automated display of a confirmation page post-transaction, providing transparency and enhancing customer trust immediately upon purchase. Discover how this feature can streamline your sales process and improve customer interactions.