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Apr 13
Highlevel Feature Update: Seamlessly Manage Your Educational Assignments on the Go with the Latest Update

The new update to GoHighLevel's 'Courses - Assignments' feature now supports mobile accessibility and Progressive Web Apps (PWA). This enhancement enables students and educators to manage coursework from anywhere, directly from their mobile devices. Learn more about how you can leverage this feature to enhance flexibility and accessibility in your educational endeavors.

Apr 13
Highlevel Feature Update: Discover the Latest Enhancements to Our Communities Feature – More Control and Customization!

GoHighLevel’s Communities feature just got more user-friendly with new updates that enhance personal customization and email management. Now, users can crop their profile pictures and manage email notifications more effectively. Explore how these new functionalities can improve user interaction within your community platform.

Apr 13
Highlevel Feature Update: Maximize Your Scheduling Efficiency with New Calendar Availability Settings

Unlock the full potential of your scheduling with GoHighLevel's latest update to Calendar Availability for Service Calendars. This enhancement allows you to set precise availability times for your service calendars, ensuring seamless integration of staff and resource availability. Discover how this feature simplifies scheduling and maximizes efficiency for your business operations

Apr 13
Highlevel Feature Update: Boost Your Business Visibility with Google Organic Booking Now Available for Select Locations

Google Organic Booking is now available for selected locations in GoHighLevel's service calendars. This feature allows users to make direct bookings from Google Search at no extra cost, enhancing visibility and customer convenience. Find out how to enable this feature and the benefits it can bring to your business operations.

Aug 26
The AI Revolution in SaaS: HighLevel Leading the Charge

Introduction In the rapidly evolving digital landscape, Artificial Intelligence (AI) stands out as a transformative force, especially in the SaaS domain. HighLevel, a pioneering name in the SaaS arena, has seamlessly integrated AI, offering businesses a competitive edge in a saturated market. HighLevel’s Trifecta of AI Capabilities HighLevel isn’t just integrating AI; it’s redefining how […]

Dec 14
Enhancing Your GoHighLevel Experience with SAAS Bolt-Ons

Introduction: In today’s digital landscape, businesses are constantly seeking tools and platforms that can streamline their operations and provide a competitive edge. GoHighLevel has emerged as a beacon in this quest, offering a comprehensive suite of tools tailored for agencies. But the true magic happens when you pair it with SAAS Bolt-Ons, a curated directory […]