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Highlevel Feature Update: Enhancing Certificate Management – New Features and Functionalities in HighLevel

Introduction: Managing certificates effectively in a digital environment can significantly impact user experience and operational efficiency. HighLevel has rolled out new updates to its Certificates module, introducing essential features such as undo/redo buttons, location and user-level permissions, and various bug fixes. These enhancements are designed to improve the flexibility and usability of the certificate management system.

Location and User Level Permissions: With the latest update, HighLevel introduces location-level permissions, allowing administrators to enable or disable certificates for specific locations. This feature is crucial for businesses operating in multiple locations, as it provides greater control over where certificates are issued and managed. Additionally, user-level permissions have been implemented to manage access rights within the certificates module, ensuring that only authorized personnel can make changes or issue certificates.

Undo/Redo Functionality in Certificate Builder:

  • Seamless Edit Control: The new undo and redo buttons in the certificate builder empower users to make changes confidently. This functionality allows for the correction of mistakes and encourages creative experimentation with the design and content of certificates.
  • Enhanced Workflow Efficiency: Users can now utilize keyboard shortcuts like CTRL/⌘ + Z for undoing changes and CTRL/⌘ + S for saving progress. These shortcuts provide a faster, more intuitive way to manage the creation and editing of certificates.

Accessibility Improvements in Certificate Builder: The update brings improved accessibility features to the certificate builder. Keyboard shortcuts for common actions such as previewing and saving enhance user convenience and make the tool more accessible to users who rely on keyboard navigation.

Bug Fixes and UI Enhancements: Among the various bug fixes, a notable improvement is the addition of a close button for the Send button navigation bar inside the builder. This small yet significant change improves the user interface by making it cleaner and more user-friendly.

Conclusion: HighLevel’s latest updates to the Certificates module reflect a commitment to continuous improvement and user satisfaction. By enhancing the control, accessibility, and efficiency of certificate management, HighLevel ensures that businesses can provide a professional and seamless experience to their users. These updates not only streamline the process but also empower users to manage certifications more effectively across different locations and teams.

Explore the full details of these enhancements and how they can benefit your operations by visiting the update page: HighLevel Certificates Update.

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