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GHL Feature Update: Enhancing Affiliate Management 2024

Affiliate marketing within digital platforms can significantly amplify business reach and revenue. HighLevel’s latest update to the Sub Account Affiliate Manager introduces lead tracking for forms, surveys, and calendars, empowering affiliates and business owners with precise monitoring and management capabilities.

What’s New?

This update brings a suite of tools designed to enhance the functionality of the Affiliate Manager within HighLevel:

Detailed Guide on How It Works:

1- Accessing the Affiliate Manager: Start by navigating to the Affiliate Manager section within HighLevel.

2- Adding a Campaign: Click 'Add' on the Campaign Page to begin setting up a new campaign.

3- Selecting the Source: Choose whether the leads will come from Forms, Surveys, or Calendars. This flexibility allows you to tailor the campaign based on the nature of the engagement expected.

Configuring Campaign Details:

Assign affiliates, add a descriptive campaign name, and consider additional settings such as specific goals or rewards for successful referrals.

Launching and Monitoring:

Once the campaign setup is complete, publish it to go live. The robust tracking tools within HighLevel will allow you to monitor the progress and success of your campaign in real-time.

Why This Update Matters?

1- Broader Tracking Capabilities: By enabling lead tracking for non-purchase interactions like form submissions or survey completions, HighLevel opens new avenues for affiliates, particularly in industries reliant on lead generation such as real estate or professional services.

2- Consistency and Efficiency: The unified and consistent UI across the platform enhances user experience and reduces the learning curve for new users and affiliates.

3- Future-Proof Scalability: The system’s scalability ensures that as your business grows, your affiliate marketing efforts can scale seamlessly without performance bottlenecks.

What’s Next?

HighLevel is committed to continuously enhancing its affiliate management capabilities. Future updates will include expanding commission support to include not just sales but also leads, providing a more comprehensive incentive structure for affiliates.

Implications for Users:

It's important to note that custom embeds/iframes are not supported for lead tracking. Users should add forms, surveys, or calendars as components inside a funnel or webpage to enable tracking. Additionally, users can now add their own branded domains to reflect on the referral URLs for a more personalized and professional appearance.

GHL Feature Update Conclusion:

HighLevel’s new update to the Sub Account Affiliate Manager with lead tracking for forms, surveys, and calendars is a game-changer for businesses using affiliate marketing. It not only simplifies the process but also enhances the capabilities of affiliates to generate leads effectively. This update is a testament to HighLevel’s dedication to providing powerful, flexible, and scalable solutions for digital marketing professionals.

For a detailed guide on utilizing these new features, visit the update page here.


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