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Highlevel Feature Update: Discover the Latest Enhancements to Our Communities Feature – More Control and Customization!


Staying connected and managing your online presence effectively within community platforms is crucial. GoHighLevel’s recent updates to the “Communities” feature introduce exciting new functionalities that significantly enhance user experience and provide greater control over personal settings and interactions.

What’s New:

Our latest release brings two pivotal updates aimed at enhancing user satisfaction and autonomy within the Communities feature:

Image Cropping for Profile Pictures:

  • Personalize your community profile more than ever before! With the new image cropping tool, users can now refine and adjust their profile pictures during the upload process. This feature allows for greater expression and ensures that your profile picture fits perfectly in the designated space, representing your identity exactly how you prefer.

Enhanced Email Management Options:

  • Control over the emails you receive from the community is now in your hands. Users can opt out of receiving non-essential communications, streamlining their inboxes to include only crucial notifications such as one-time passwords, invitation emails, and updates on payments and cancellations.

Benefits of the New Features:

  • Customized User Experience: The ability to crop profile images enables users to customize their profiles to their liking, enhancing the personal touch each member brings to the community.
  • Improved Email Preferences: The updated email settings empower users to reduce unnecessary emails, focusing on important notifications and enhancing the overall user experience without missing out on critical communications.

Step-by-Step Guide to Using New Features:

  • Customizing Your Profile Picture:
    • Navigate to your profile settings.
    • Upload your chosen image and use the new cropping tool to adjust the display area.
    • Save your settings to update your profile with the newly customized picture.
  • Managing Your Email Preferences:
    • Go to the account settings section.
    • Locate the email preferences and select the types of emails you wish to receive.
    • Confirm your selections to ensure that you only receive emails that are essential to your interaction with the community.

Technical Insights:

The implementation of these features was driven by user feedback and technological advancements. The image cropping tool integrates seamlessly with the user interface, offering intuitive controls like drag-and-resize. Similarly, the email preference settings have been redesigned to provide clearer options and more transparent categorizations, ensuring users can easily customize their communication preferences.

Future Outlook:

As we continue to enhance the Communities feature, future updates will focus on further personalizing the user interface and expanding communication settings. Expect more intuitive tools and options that cater to diverse user needs, making the community platform more versatile and user-friendly.


GoHighLevel is committed to providing a superior user experience through continuous improvements and updates. The latest enhancements to the Communities feature demonstrate our dedication to empowering users with greater control and customization options. By listening to our community and adapting to evolving needs, we aim to provide the best tools for managing online interactions effectively.

Join our community today to take advantage of these new features and connect with like-minded individuals in a more personalized and controlled online environment. Sign up for GoHighLevel through SaaS Boltons and discover a platform that respects your preferences and privacy. Start your journey with us now and make the most out of your online community experience!

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