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Highlevel Feature Update: Maximize Your Scheduling Efficiency with New Calendar Availability Settings

In the dynamic world of service management, the ability to efficiently manage time and resources dictates success. GoHighLevel’s latest update to the “Calendar Availability for Service Calendars” feature introduces a pivotal enhancement that allows for even greater control over scheduling and availability.

What’s New:
This update revolutionizes how service calendars are managed by allowing users to set specific availability times for each calendar. Previously, availability was only determined based on staff schedules, but now the availability of the calendar itself can be configured to reflect unique operational hours and special dates.

Enhancements to Service Calendar Management:

  • Customizable Availability Times: Users can now define specific times when a service calendar is available throughout the week, accommodating regular business hours and special occasions.
  • Integration with Staff Schedules: The system enhances its functionality by considering both the newly set calendar availability and the existing staff availability. This dual consideration ensures that the scheduling of services is more precise and aligns perfectly with actual resource availability.

Benefits of the New Features:

  • Increased Flexibility: Tailor your service calendars to fit the unique operational needs of your business, offering services exactly when you want.
  • Enhanced Efficiency: Avoid scheduling conflicts and overbookings by having a more controlled and transparent view of when services can be booked.
  • Improved Customer Experience: Customers experience greater satisfaction due to more accurate and dependable booking times, reflecting a professional and customer-oriented service approach.

Step-by-Step Guide to Utilizing New Calendar Settings:

  1. Access Calendar Settings: Navigate to the calendar settings in your GoHighLevel dashboard.
  2. Select Your Service Calendar: Choose the specific service calendar you wish to update.
  3. Modify Availability Settings: Enter the availability settings section, where you can set specific operational hours and dates.
  4. Set Your Hours: Define the hours during which the services can be booked, taking into account both regular and special schedules.
  5. Save Your Settings: Confirm and save your new settings to ensure that they are applied to your service calendar.

Technical Insights:

Behind the scenes, this feature leverages advanced algorithms to seamlessly integrate individual staff schedules with the broader availability set for the service calendar itself. This integration ensures that the scheduling system is not only robust but also exceptionally accurate in determining available slots.

Future Developments:

Looking forward, GoHighLevel plans to introduce more nuanced customization options for calendar management, such as allowing for varying service times based on specific days or special events, and integrating artificial intelligence to predict and suggest optimal booking schedules based on past customer behaviors.


GoHighLevel’s update to the “Calendar Availability for Service Calendars” feature is a game-changer for service providers seeking to enhance their scheduling capabilities. With greater control over calendar settings and an integrated approach to availability management, businesses can optimize their operations and deliver superior service to their clients.

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