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Bot Neo is a revolutionary AI chatbot designed to transform your business's online customer service and lead generation. Leveraging the power of AI, Neo is capable of training itself to understand your business, website, and customers, enabling it to interact with leads and clients effectively. It can even fill out forms and trigger custom automations to send emails, SMS, and more.

Neo is more than just a chat widget. It's a multi-channel personal assistant that's an expert on your business. It can answer customer queries 24/7, significantly increasing your speed to lead and potentially boosting lead generation by 391%.

One of Neo's standout features is its built-in marketing automations. With Neo, you can automate your sales outreach, marketing, lead flow, and conversations, freeing you from day-to-day busy work. It can automatically send promotional materials and subscribe to marketing campaigns, empowering you to automate more of your business operations.

Neo also offers a 'Human Rollover' feature, allowing AI to take the load off you or your team and only hand off conversations when necessary. This feature enables your bot to learn and get smarter over time, providing you with more free time and the ability to hand off conversations back to the bot when needed.

Bot Neo offers a 14-day free trial, after which the service is available for $97 per month. The service is cloud-based, so there's no need for downloads or installations, and updates are provided automatically. Support is available via email and chat, and users have access to a Facebook group for sharing ideas and getting advice.

Bot Neo is a product of FlowTrack, a company trusted by over 7,000+ businesses and agencies, and founded in 2018.

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