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Create Your Own White-Label AI Toolkit For Your SaaS
Turn your favorite ChatGPT prompts & convos into tools you can monetize in minutes. Join 4,000+ entrepreneurs & GHL SaaS owners building AI tools with ZERO code!

Build your custom embeddable suite of AI tools
Build an generative suite of AI tools (like Jasper.AI) that writes your copy, scripts, emails, and more for your clients. Make it industry/client specific and get the AI responses you need in your brand voice. Embed & iFrame anywhere.

Prompt chain your ChatGPT convos
Think of prompt chaining in FormWise as a "Workflow" where you automate your favorite ChatGPT prompts. Now turn that into a white label tool that you an embed anywhere for your end users, clients, or even your internal team!

Create dynamic individualized lead magnets
Create and embed dynamic lead gen forms on landing pages that generate an AI response upon submission. Integrate with your favorite marketing tools to enhance visitor experience. Send input data and AI responses to any webhook / Zapier / HighLevel.

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