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Unveiling HighLevel’s White Label Payment Solution for NMI & AuthorizeNet 2024

HighLevel’s latest update introduces a groundbreaking White Label Payment (WLP) provider solution for both NMI and AuthorizeNet, marking a significant enhancement in the platform’s payment integration capabilities. This new feature allows for seamless integration with payment providers, elevating the functionality and user experience to new heights.

Enhanced User Experience with Integrated Marketplace Listings:

To further enhance the user experience, HighLevel has integrated marketplace app listings directly within the payment integration page. This integration enables users to effortlessly discover and install any integration provider available through the marketplace. The inclusion of a convenient search function allows users to quickly locate and install apps directly from the listing page, streamlining the process and improving efficiency.

How Does it Work?

1- Marketplace App Creation: Developers create a marketplace app categorized under White Label Payment Provider.

2- Automatic Configuration: Upon installation, the app automatically generates a provider configuration specific to the installing location.

3- Management and Usage: Users can manage connection properties just like any other native provider. After configuration, the WLP provider can be designated as the default payment option, seamlessly mirroring the functionality of established providers like NMI or AuthorizeNet.

Expanded Support Across Platforms:

Expanded Support Across Platforms: The new WLP provider solution is supported across all platforms previously compatible with NMI and AuthorizeNet. This includes order forms (both one-step and two-step), E-commerce stores, invoices, and payment links, ensuring comprehensive coverage and utility.

Public API Support:

In addition to marketplace integration, HighLevel has introduced support for two public APIs to facilitate the integration with WLP solutions for NMI and AuthorizeNet. These APIs empower developers to create more robust payment experiences:

1- POST - payments/integrations/provider/whitelabel: Allows for the creation of White Label integration providers.

2- GET - payments/integrations/provider/whitelabel: Enables listing of White Label integration providers.

Why This Update Matters?

1- Flexibility and Customization: The ability to integrate custom, white-label payment solutions offers unprecedented flexibility and customization options for HighLevel users.

2- Enhanced Payment Security and Reliability: By utilizing trusted providers like NMI and AuthorizeNet under the white label model, users benefit from proven security and reliability while maintaining brand consistency.

3- Scalability: This update facilitates scalability for businesses as they grow, accommodating an expanding range of payment needs without the hassle of switching platforms or providers.

HighLevel's White Label Payment Conclusion:

HighLevel’s introduction of the White Label Payment Provider solution represents a major leap forward in payment integration technology. By providing a seamless, integrated, and scalable payment solution, HighLevel continues to empower businesses to optimize their operations and deliver superior customer experiences.

Explore more about this innovative payment solution and how it can transform your business operations by visiting HighLevel’s latest update page.


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